– Basic design in Process, I & C, Civil & Structure, Mechanical, Electrical and Piping
– Generate production line diagrams such as: BFD, PFD, P&ID
– Calculations of mass balance, energy, etc. 
– Generate Equipment Specifications and Data sheets
– Generate procurement engineering documents 
– Generate inspection instructions based on client standards and according to national and international standards 
– Generate technical instructions for commissioning, repair and maintenance of plants and industrial units
– Estimate bid prices for various projects 
– Site selection of plants and industrial units
– Conceptual studies, basic and detailed design, technology and production process selection, reviewing and validating the designs
– Evaluation of different manufacturers’ abilities in order to generate Approved Vendor List (AVL) with technology localization approach
– Generating and providing internal and international bidding documents and also project cost estimation
– Supply equipment spare parts of industrial and mineral plants
– Generating and providing pre-evaluation documents in order to identify qualified contractors for executing, testing and commissioning of the project based on client’s specified scope, time, cost and quality 
– Design, construction and installation of concrete and steel structures 
– Landscaping (sidewalks, access roads, fencing, Construction of surface water conducting channels, …)
– Underground systems (duct banks, manholes, trenches, firefighting)
– Site engineering, generating As-built drawings, final book and drawings markup 
– Implementing all kinds of mechanical operations such as piping, HVAC, Utilities, etc
– Implementing all kinds of electrical and I & C operations such as Cabling, Earthing, lighting and calibration
– Planning and scheduling projects by the mean of structure, activities, resources, costs and calculation progress (CPI, SPI) and generating project progress reports