Engineering Services

Areas of Services and Expertise

1. Engineering Services
Services include:
Feasibility studies of designs 1.1.
Based on plant usage i.e., processing, pelletizing, direct reduction, steel making, etc. the following factors are technically and financially evaluated. Loading points, product delivery, rate and type of material, material handling control system and storage technique.
Eventually, equipment arrangement and material handling systems and buildings in factory’s preliminary layout format along with system processing in PFD and P&ID documents formats are provided.
These are generally done in the following steps:
– Market research.
– Industrial unit suitable positioning and lay-out.
– Preliminary research, conceptual design, technology, and production process selection.
– Provision of preliminary arrangements of factories, industrial units, and equipment.
– Preparation of project time schedules.
– Preparation of data and financial bases of designs.
– Investment and operational costs estimation.
Preliminary and basic engineering designs 1.2.
The main services offered in this field include:
– Drafting basic designs of process, instruments, and control, civil, structural, architectural, mechanical, piping, electrical, safety and environmental domains.
– Preparation of production line diagrams including BFD, PFD, P&ID basic drawings.
– Mass-energy balance calculations.
– Preparation of plant lay-out and equipment arrangements.
– Determining type, number, and dimensions of equipment.
– Equipment technical specifications and data sheets preparation.
– Preliminary engineering documents preparations in the fields of instruments and control, mechanical, piping, electrical, safety and environmental.
Detailed engineering design 1.3.
NSP’s main services within detailed engineering design include:
– Checking, revising, modifying, optimizing and technical and engineering approval of the preliminary design.
– Designing and preparing documents and drawings for process engineering, control, and instruments.
– Preparing and finalizing machines and equipment technical specifications and other mechanical engineering documents.
– Preparation and compilation of documents and drawings of electrical engineering, facilites, fluid, and energy transmission lines.
– Preparation of structural and architectural engineering documents and drawings.
– Preparation of documents and drawings for piping engineering, supporting and stress analysis.
– Multi-disciplinary 3D-modelling of projects.
– Preparation of bill of materials (BOM)
– Preparing procurement engineering documents.
– Designing drainage systems, fire safety systems and insulation of industrial and non- industrial buildings in durable manner with corrosion protection of corrosion prone materials if applicable.
– Preparing technical instructions for inspection services based on project’s standards.
– Preparing and compiling technical instructions for commissioning, operation, maintenance of industrial units.

Procurement Engineering
– Determining inspection, control, and testing methods.
– Preparation of technical specifications.
– Preparation of technical documents for project equipment procurement.
– Supporting clients in holding inquiries and tenders and responding to the participants.
– Supporting clients throughout various stages of bids and technical bid evaluation.
– Producing manufacturing/procurement contracts for the successful bidder of the tender/inquiry.
– Revision and approval of drawings produced by manufacturers and commenting.
– Evaluation and confirmation of technical specifications of tools and various parts of the proposed equipment with that of the manufacturers and vendors contracts and commenting.
– Responding to the technical questions of manufacturers, vendors, and contractors during their contract periods.
– Researching and identifying reputable domestic manufacturers and produce approved vendors’ list (AVL) with a view to reduce projects’ costs.
On-site engineering services 1.5.
Engineering workshop services include all civil and structural, electrical, instrument, mechanical, paint and insulation related activities carried out on-site. The engineering team by employment of experts in various engineering disciplines can respond to questions of various contractors during manufacturing and installation in SQ and TQ format. They can also address possible design shortfalls stemming from procurement and implementation changes by providing amendment drawings and engineering workshops.
Examples of design and engineering projects of NSP include direct reduction for Pasargad Steel Co., smelting material handling for Pasargad Steel Co., iron ore processing for Jahan Nemove Co., safety, and fire extinguishing systems for Sangan concentrate and desulfurization of Ilam Petrochemical Co.

2. Commercial Services
Tenders and market development 2.1.
– Carrying out technical and financial justification studies for potential projects in the country’s mining industry.
– Participation in EPC, MC tenders of different industries to enter different markets and grow the number of company projects.
– Participating in tenders and affirming readiness to provide the main equipment related to mining industries.
– Signing alliances with reputable national and international companies.
– Various projects’ tenders cost estimation.
Equipment procurement 2.2.
– Identifying accomplished contractors, manufacturers and vendors specialized in meeting the needs of various projects procurement and manufacturing.
– Supporting clients in holding tenders and responding to the participants of these tenders to identify the prevailing bidder.
– Liaising with clients in technical evaluation of recommendations of manufacturers and vendors and providing relevant report to determine the qualified successful bidder.
– Assessing the skills of various manufacturers to prepare approved vendors’ list (AVL) with the view to indigenizing technology.
– Preparing national and international tendering documents and estimating projects’ costs.
– Offering required services to build various equipment related to ongoing projects of the company.
– Supplying spare parts for industrial and mining factories.
– Carrying out various international trade services such as obtaining technical and financial proposals, finalizing contracts, transportation, customs clearance and delivering goods at the project’s site.

Legal and contractual services 2.3.
– Preparation and compilation of pre-evaluation documentations to identify qualified contractors to implement industrial projects.
– Preparation and compilation of national and international tenders to identify eligible contractors to execute projects.
– Technical- financial evaluation of contractors participating in the tenders.
– Preparation and compilation of national and international contracts.
– Offering legal and financial consultation services to clients during and after contract formation and signing.
– Preparation and compilation of legal and technical agenda in various fields related to the contract.
– Preparation and compilation of contracts for equipment and goods procurement, manufacturing and contracting.
Commercial related services of NSP are not only limited to finding and assigning various projects to the country’s reputable and prosperous clients considering. NSP also offers required procurement nationally and internationally and legal and contractual related services. Some of the most prosperous commercial projects of NSP include Chah Firoozeh copper project assignment to Tanavob GC Co., Sungun lime assignment to Canymes Industrial and Mining Engineering Technical Services Company, assigning Sangan fire extinguishing systems re-design to Me’yar Sana’t Khavarmiyaneh Engineering Co.
3. Manufacturing, Installation and Commissioning Services
NSP’s perspective in manufacturing and implementation fields are to manage and coordinate manufacturing, installation, and implementation process through employment of skillful and specialized outsourced teams such that manufacturing and installing projects are carried out in a homogeneous and integrated manner.
In this aspect, the following is the list of services that our consultant engineers can manage and perform:
– Construction of factories outbuildings and equipment buildings.
– Soil structure evaluation through soil mechanics tests.
– Surveying and preparing topographical maps of the natural field.
– Design arrangement and execution.
– Erection of concrete and steel structures.
– Masonry and architectural projects construction.
– Landscaping.
– Installation and execution of piping, industrial valves and building services.
– Installation of ventilation, heating, and cooling systems.
– Water and steam powerplants implementation.
– Instrument and electrical facilities implementation.
– Cabling, earthing, and lighting installations.
– Engineering workshop services such as final book and drawings mark-ups and as-built drawings preparation.
– Prefabricated structures erection.
– Installation of rotating and stationary mechanical equipment.
– Electrical equipment and instrument installation.
– Storage tanks erection.
– Cold testing.
– Commissioning services.
– Pre-commissioning and hot testing.
– Testing and commissioning of mechanical equipment, electrical and instrument along with obtaining Performance certificate in compliance with manufacturers’ instructions.
– Testing and commissioning of electrical equipment and instrument and obtaining Performance certificate in compliance with manufacturers’ instructions.
– Service and maintenance during guaranty period.
Steel structures fabrication and erection and material handling of Ilam petrochemical holding structure for Norahan Sanaye company is one successful project example amongst many others done by NSP within this field of service.
4. Consultation, Supervision and Contract Management Services
Project planning and control 4.1.
– Managing, controlling, and executing projects and coordination between contractors and consultants to address construction issues.
– Preparation and compilation of project progress report.
– Financial planning and control of designs and their executions.
– Planning and controlling projects’ commodity and execution of projects
– Planning and controlling technical documents and designs’ correspondences and execution of projects.
– Document controlling, documenting and preparing technical and operational documents of projects.
Engineering designs checks 4.2.
– Determining and approving codes of practice and standards and design calculation techniques.
– Monitoring engineering procedures to comply with the contract terms, conventions, and standards.
– Executive decision making about engineering tasks’ modifications.
– Reviewing and validating preliminary designs.
– Detailed engineering designs revisions and validations.
– Procurement process checks and chasing suppliers to issue the required documents.
– Filing the produced drawings and technical documentations of the designs until the project completion and submitting it to the clients.
Workshop supervision 4.3
– Controlling properties, leveling and other surveying and topographical aspects of the facilities installation site.
– Supervising safe loading and transporting of equipment to the client’s designated site.
– Monitoring the compliancy of coordinates with the design implemented by the contractors.
– Projects implementations quality control to ensure compliancy with relevant standards and technical qualities specified in drawings.
– Monitoring reflection of construction drawings modifications in workshops on the original copies by contractors.
– Participating in mechanical installations completions committees, provisional and definite deliveries.
– Compiling details of additional or defective activities, cost, and quantity estimation for clients’ approval based on contracts’ terms and submitting to the contractors.
Superior Supervision 4.4
– Design and operational proceedings control and management and coordination between contractors and consultants to resolve operational issues.
– Inspection, revision, modification, optimization, and technical and engineering approval of the preliminary design.
– Checking, reviewing, and approving engineering workshops documents.
– Supervising during construction and procurement of facilities and equipment.
– Monthly progressive workshop reports compilation.
– Construction material and equipment procurement services upon request.
– Direct supervision of parts and equipment fabrication to ensure compliancy of these with the relevant technical specifications.
– Listing construction materials and estimating the bulk of operational activities.
– Cost estimation of operational activities and evaluating contractors’ invoices.