Management Policy of NSP is prioritize with focus on Consulting services , Design and Engineering , Procurement and Supply , Supervision and contract management in the development of industrial projects, Mining industries in the IRAN , In order to increase customer satisfaction and continuous improvement services and Protect the environment, Its integrated management system has been designed with an emphasis on the following principles:

  • Provide high quality and optimal cost and at the right time
  • Continuous improvement of services, processes and current activities in organizations
  • Commitment to compliance with laws, regulations and engineering standards
  • Belief in personnel’s as the main wealth
  • Ensuring safety and health partners and other stakeholders in the area of company activities
  • Prevention of environmental pollutants associated with the activities and services of the company

In order to achieve the above principles, Title of policy is as follows:

Achieve customer satisfaction or:

– Meet all the requirements and demands of the contract or the employer

– Improve services to employers with a focus on Time management, Cost and Quality of the projects

– Provide the necessary measures for issuance engineering services in various fields of industry

– Effective communication with local and foreign companies in order to exchange experiences to improve the quality of services to the employer

– Continuous improvement of the quality and Safety performance , Health and Environment (HSE) in providing services to employers through:

– Continuous monitoring and measuring the performance of projects and processes
– Identify, prioritize and operational improvement projects in the areas of QHSE
Company management with complete reliance on the provisions of the policy of all stakeholders demand with empathy and maximum participation need to establish effective and integrated management system of the organization’s overall goals provide.