Civil, Structure and Architecture

Preliminary engineering services:

–          Assisting in preparation of Plot Plan as per civil requirements.

–          Compiling levelling map based on the available topographical data, civil layout, estimation of volume of earthworks.

–          Preparing physical planning and presenting list and areas of micro-spaces for buildings, buildings’ skeletons type and structural systems selection based on architectural design.

–          Preparation of basics of structural, civil and architectural designs.

–          Presenting list of parameters and recommendations required because of geotechnical research.

–          Road network and accesses layout and determining their longitudinal slopes, surface water disposal canals arrangement and controlling their longitudinal slopes based on the levelling map and plot plan.

Detailed engineering services:

–          Preparation of phase 1 architectural drawings of buildings.

–          Structural calculations of buildings.

–          Presenting calculation pack and structural construction drawings

–          Presenting phase 2 architectural drawings.

–          Presenting construction drawings, civil calculations pack and landscaping.

–          Preparing civil and structural drawings related to cabling network and instrument, piping network and sewage disposal network.

–          Estimating volume of main structural and architectural items.

Procurement engineering services:

–          Assisting the inspection unit to prepare QCP.

–          General overview of Shop drawings to ensure overall geometrical compliance with engineering drawings.

Design Review Services:

–          Collecting and compiling required data for design during site visit.

–          Assisting in inspection and engineering workshop to resolve manufacturing, installation and commissioning issues.

–          Describing mechanical engineering services offered in MC projects.

–          Reviewing list of contractors’ engineering documents to comply with the contracts and projects’ requirements.

–          Reviewing contractors’ engineering activities schedules.

–          Reviewing engineering documents such as drawings and calculation packs and files.