Instrument & Control

Areas of specialty:

–          Instrumentation

–          Advanced Process Control (APC)

–          Distributed Control Systems (DCS)

–          Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)

–          Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

Engineering documents and research phases:

–          Conceptual Design

–          Basic Engineering Design

–          Front End Engineering Design (FFED)

–          Detail Engineering Design

–          Procurement Engineering

–          Commissioning and Start-up Assistance

–          In conceptual phase in addition to feasibility process, project efficiency is researched and preliminary design approach is produced. In preliminary engineering phase, instrument equipment and control system designs, architecture of control system for functional processing and processing functions systems are prepared and enter FEED phase. In this phase, technical specifications of instrument equipment, control system, communication network and Tele-Control are produced. This engineering phase covers the following areas:

–          Control Philosophy

–          Instrument List with Process Data

–          Control System Equipment list

–          Instrument Location Layout

–          I/O List

–          Control System Architecture

Detailed design phase:

–          Control Valve Sizing

–          Instrument Datasheet

–          Control System Equipment Datasheet

–          Instrument Hook-Up Diagram

–          Control Loop & Wiring & Termination Diagram

–          Installation Procedure