Description of electrical department services in EPC projects:

–          Preliminary and detailed engineering service.

–          Procurement engineering services.

–          Technical inspection services.

–          Estimating electrical charges of lighting and socket systems.

–          Preparation of load list based on the electrical charges’ summation.

–          Preparing “Overall Single Line Diagram” for projects based on the load list.

–          Approximate estimation of required space for electrical posts and rooms.

–          Approximate designation of room and electrical posts layout in plot plan.

–          Cable list preparation.

–          Design criteria preparation.

–          Design of buildings’ electrical facilities.

–          Precedence diagram.

–          Preparing “Single Line Diagram” drawings for electricity distribution boards of engines and equipment (Distribution Panels and MCCs).

–          Modelling “Overall Single Line Diagram” using ETAP software.

–          ETAP model analysis for load flow, short circuit and engines commissioning studies, sizing the main equipment for electricity distribution systems.

–          Cabling network routes drawings preparation.

–          “Cable Schedule and Drum List” preparation.

–          Preparing tender documents for electrical facilities and distribution systems’ main equipment procurement.

–          “Relay Coordination” documentations preparations.

–          “Diagram Termination” documentations preparations.

–          Producing as-built drawings based on construction drawings.

Procurement engineering services:

–          Checking electricity distribution, wiring, main equipment, and electrical facilities equipment tender documentation of bidders.

–          Ultimate technical bid evaluation of bidders.

–          Assisting procurement department in transactions commissions and finalizing the manufacturers.

–          Checking manufacturers documentations and presenting offering technical comments throughout the entire equipment manufacturing processes.

–          Technical inspection of electrical equipment services.

–          Checking manufacturers’ quality control plan and offering constructive feedbacks.

–          Technical inspection of electricity distribution systems, cabling and electrical facilities equipment based on the approved quality control plan.

–          Final inspection to provide transport permit once the corrective comments are incorporated.

Design Review Services:

–          Collecting and compiling required data for design during site visit.

–          Assisting in inspection and engineering workshop to resolve manufacturing, installation and commissioning issues.