Bid Boland Dehumidification and Pressure Increasing facilities of MAROON 3

Bid Boland Dehumidification and Pressure Increasing facilities of MAROON 3

Portfolio Description

Project Name: Engineering Service for Dehumidification and Pressure Increasing facilities of MAROON 3

Client: NORAHAN Sanaye

Contract Type:Engineering Services

Project Location: Bid Boland – Khuzestan/Iran

About Project:

Bidbland gas refinery is located 32 km west of Behbahan, 18 km north of Aghajari and 35 km southeast of Omidiye city in Khuzestan province, whose shares belong to Persian Gulf Petrochemical Industries. The design of this refinery was first made in order to refine sour gases with oil from the Aghajari oil field and to export output products abroad, and the initial building includes 5 gas refining units with a capacity of 240 million cubic feet per day, for each unit and can be expanded up to 9 units. The project started in 1968 and was put into operation in December 1969.

NSP Company, as an associate engineering consultant of NORAHAN Industries Company, is responsible for designing the structure and architecture of non-industrial buildings, related mechanical and electrical facilities, along with the design of the foundation and mechanical design of firefighting water tanks of Maroon 3 Dehumidification unit and the construction of Maron 5 and Ramshir Dehumidification and pressure increasing units.

General description of services performed:

Performing Basic Engineering and Detail Engineering services including the following items:

– Architectural design of structures and electrical and mechanical facilities for security buildings, communications, clinics, security, repair shops, chemical warehouses and parking lots

– Lighting calculations

– Performing HVAC calculations

– Design of firefighting water tanks

– Preparing a list of mechanical equipment

– Drawing preparation for the design and construction of steel structures and related foundations

– Preparation and production of electrical drawings and documents

– Preparation of details and purchase list of all items