Manufacturing, Installation and Commissioning

NSP’s perspective in manufacturing and implementation fields are to manage and coordinate manufacturing, installation, and implementation process through employment of skillful and specialized outsourced teams such that manufacturing and installing projects are carried out in a homogeneous and integrated manner.
In this aspect, the following is the list of services that our consultant engineers can manage and perform:
– Construction of factories outbuildings and equipment buildings.
– Soil structure evaluation through soil mechanics tests.
– Surveying and preparing topographical maps of the natural field.
– Design arrangement and execution.
– Erection of concrete and steel structures.
– Masonry and architectural projects construction.
– Landscaping.
– Installation and execution of piping, industrial valves and building services.
– Installation of ventilation, heating, and cooling systems.
– Water and steam powerplants implementation.
– Instrument and electrical facilities implementation.
– Cabling, earthing, and lighting installations.
– Engineering workshop services such as final book and drawings mark-ups and as-built drawings preparation.
– Prefabricated structures erection.
– Installation of rotating and stationary mechanical equipment.
– Electrical equipment and instrument installation.
– Storage tanks erection.
– Cold testing.
– Commissioning services.
– Pre-commissioning and hot testing.
– Testing and commissioning of mechanical equipment, electrical and instrument along with obtaining Performance certificate in compliance with manufacturers’ instructions.
– Testing and commissioning of electrical equipment and instrument and obtaining Performance certificate in compliance with manufacturers’ instructions.
– Service and maintenance during guaranty period.
Steel structures fabrication and erection and material handling of Ilam petrochemical holding structure for Norahan Sanaye company is one successful project example amongst many others done by NSP within this field of service.