Design specific fields include:

–          Design of mechanical systems and equipment, stationary and rotating machines, atmospheric and pressure reservoirs, material handling systems, cranes, equipment package, etc.

Mechanical engineering services in EPC projects are as follows:

–          Preliminary and detailed engineering services.

–          Procurement engineering services.

–          Technical inspection services.

–          Producing fundamental documents such as Design Criteria, Technical Specifications and Conceptual Design in the following areas:

·         Stationary and rotating equipment.

·         Special equipment.

·         Material handling.

·         Dust collectors.

–          3D modelling using Solid Works software.

–          Preparing factory equipment layout.

–          Preparing documents and detailed drawings in all areas.

–          Procurement documentation preparation.

–          Preparing as-built drawing based on construction of the final design.

Procurement Engineering Services:

–          Assessing tender documentations proposed by bidders.

–          Final technical bid evaluations and technical gradings of the bids.

–           Manufacturers’ documentations review and offering technical comments during all manufacturing processes.

Technical Inspection Services:

–          Reviewing “Quality Control Plans” of manufacturers and providing corrective feedbacks.

–          Technical assessment of the equipment based on the approved “Quality Control Plan”.

–          Providing technical feedback to manufacturers.

Design Review Services:

–          Collecting required data (Data Gathering) for design during site visit.

–          Assisting in inspection and engineering workshop to resolve manufacturing, installation and commissioning issues and boundaries.

–          Describing mechanical engineering services offered in MC projects.

–          Reviewing list of contractors’ engineering documents to comply with the contracts and projects’ requirements.

–          Reviewing contractors’ engineering activities schedules.

–          Reviewing engineering documents such as drawings and calculation packs and files.