Sarmad DRI Material Handling System

Sarmad DRI Material Handling System

Portfolio Description

Project Name:SARMAD DRI Material Handling System


Contract Type:Engineering Services

Project Location:Abarkooh – Yazd / Iran

About Project:

Sarmad Abarkoh Iron and Steel Company was established in 2011 with the aim of developing steel industries and cooperating in the production chain completion programs.

Sarmad iron and steel factory is located in Yazd province; its location in the center of Iran, access to the main roads of the country and also the absence of a similar factory within a radius of 100 km have made Sarmad Iron and Steel able to meet the needs of the products for neighbor provinces

NSP Company, as a co-consultant of Asrar Steel Engineering Company, has been responsible for designing the Material Handling system of the Direct Reduction Plant of this complex.

General description of NSP services:

– Mechanical Design Criteria preparation

– Preparation of MHS Layout & Sections

– Wagon Tippler Station document and drawings preparation

– Boom Type Stacker document and drawings preparation

– Truck Unloading System document and drawings preparation

– Oxide Screens document and drawings preparation

– U/G Charging Hopper document and drawings preparation

– Lime Coating document and drawings preparation

– MHS Erection Manual for Mechanical parts document preparation

– STD Parts document and drawings preparation for different belts with different width

– Preparation of drawings and related Inquiry documents for all Material Handling System items and equipment

– Pocket Belt Conveyor document and drawings preparation

– Elevators drawings and documents preparation

– Silos drawings and documents preparation

– Chutes drawings and documents preparation

– Civil and Structure drawings and documents preparation

– Performing the basic engineering services of the dust collector system and related ducting

– Dust collection system Ducting drawings and related sizing calculations